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Black History Makers

National All-Stars 

October, 2020

Only Level 3 submissions are eligible to be chosen for our monthly All-Star Gallery


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You can help bring everyday Black history makers nationwide to the forefront because

We ALL Deserve A Place In History.  

Black History Makers 


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If Black Lives Matter, then ALL Black Lives Matter

Obama, Oprah, MLK Jr,  John Lewis, Jackie Robinson, Louis Armstrong, Mohammed Ali, Michael Jackson and so many others of African descent are recognized and honored for their contributions to society in fields like government, politics, religion, entertainment, military, arts and science - and well they should be.


But, how about you?  You matter. You are just as important.




TELL US YOUR STORY!  The National Black History Museum is designed to memorialize you, who you are, and why you are important. Perhaps you also know someone who has impacted your life and you'd like to memorialize them, letting the world know how important they were/are to you.  We honor past, present, and future Black History Makers because If Black Lives Matter, then ALL Black Lives Matter. 

Everyone has a story, no matter how large or small.  And, because of that, 
If Black Lives Matter, then ALL Black Lives Matter.
  We all deserve a place in history.  Your story may be just that you were born!  In The National Black History Museum you can memorialize yourself and others you want to honor.  Click here to see an alphabetical list of our growing roster of Black History makers who, much like yourself are the everyday people who are the glue that holds our communities together.  Or, you can click the occupations of you or your submission to see a list growing of Black History Makers nationwide.


Funds raised from your membership(s) in The National Black History Museum are directed to The STAR Pledge (Stand Tall Against Racism) Scholarship Program brought to you by the American Basketball Association (ABA) to help in developing scholarship opportunities for Black students in underserved communities across America as well as providing economic empowerment opportunities for Black businesses and entrepreneurs.


You can register yourself, your parents, your friends, your relatives because...


Pastor Ben John

Spring Hill, NY


Your Business Deserves a Place in History.

A place where it can easily be seen by a National Audience!

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Yancey and Wanda Whitley

Indianapolis, IN


Black Business Owners

The National Black History Museum is sponsored by the American Basketball Association (ABA) and the STAR Pledge supporting The STAR Pledge Business and Educational Scholarship Program


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Or, You can submit someone

you know deserves a place in history!

There are three levels of membership in The National Black History Museum, $10, $20, and $30 and two ways to join.  Click here to get all the information you need to become a part of history.  Fill out your membership form, pick the level of membership you've chose for you or your submission, and pay your ONE-TIME membership fee to forever be a part of history in The National Black History Museum.

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All members and sponsors will receive a beautiful certificate that can be hung on your wall, set on your desk, or preserved in an album.  You can show everyone that not only do YOU DESERVE A PLACE IN HISTORY but here at The National Black History Museum, your place will be preserved FOREVER!

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The National BLACK HISTORY Museum

Celebrates Black History Makers

October, 2020

Dateline:  Indianapolis, Indiana

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Martin University today announced that John E. Girton, Jr. has been named Director of Marketing and Communications, effective August 17. His responsibilities include leading the overall strategy for the Marketing and Communications Department at the state’s only Predominantly Black Institution (PBI). 

SOURCE Martin University 

In Memorium

It is with sadness that TNBHM shares news of the passing of one of our  

Black History Makers

National All-Stars 

September 2020

Mr. Yancey Whitley

Dateline:  Indianapolis, Indiana


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