The National Black History Museum 


What is The National Black History Museum?

Join us as we build the largest virtual tribute to Black Americans on the internet

You deserve a place in history

Honor yourself and others as we raise money to empower Black communities across America.

Your family deserves a place in history

Sponsored by the American Basketball Association (ABA), The National Black History Museum raises money to fight racism through financial empowerment

Support the BHM fundraising effort through

sponsorships and donations

If Black Lives Matter, ALL Black Lives Matter

Join The National Black History Museum and get your beautiful certificate and a  FREE Membershipto the Ultimate CashBACK Shopping Program courtesy of The DAK Foundation Inc. Shop at over 1400 online stores and earn cashback.  


THE STAR PLEDGE “Stand Tall Against Racism”

"I hereby pledge to fight racism, to condemn racism and, to help eradicate racism.

I Will Stand Tall Against Racism, So Help me God.”

“We hope to make this a national movement …” - Joe Newman, ABA CEO

Honor everyday Black Americans by gifting them with a place in history at

Black History Museum. 

Level 1 - $10.00

Level 2 - $20.00 

Level 3 - $30.00




Pay via PayPal.  If using Zelle, contact VP Cissi Sherlock.  See information below.


The National Black History Museum supports The DAK Foundation Inc.


Join The National Black History Museum and get a beautiful Certificate of Membership showing EVERYONE that YOU deserve a place in history.  Certificates are also awarded to sponsors and donors.


Questions?  Contact Cissi Sherlock, ABA VP of Diversity, Executive Dir, The National Black History Museum.  Email:  Office:  317-844-2202

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